Investment Properties

One of the reasons I decided to get into real estate was to build my own portfolio of income/investment properties. I felt by building my own portfolio I could learn the “In’s and Out’s” of buying, managing and eventually retiring with the income gained from owning properties.

With this thought in mind, I knew I could help my clients build their own portfolio and help them achieve their retirement goals as well.

The most important lesson I learned along the way was “You don’t sell them right you buy them right”. To me this philosophy means the money is made when you buy the property the market will take care of the rest. With this knowledge, I felt I was ready to purchase my first investment property.

I was fortunate to partner with a client of mine who was already purchasing investment properties and could show me the ropes. I have helped many clients buy and sell investment/income properties from single family homes to multi-unit apartment buildings.

If you are interested in talking about investment/income properties please contact me and I would be happy to share my experience with you.

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